How it began:


It all started with a friend and a book! It was pretty serendipitous that I was reading a book about minimalism entitled The Joy of Less right around the time that I was planning a few trips and needed to downsize. I was planning this road trip to Canada and a trip down to South America so one of my friends recommended using Airbnb. As I looked through the website, I realized that I could use their service as both a guest as I travelled and a host as I was away from my home at Cedar Crest.


As I traveled, I received many more requests from travelers to stay at my place than I thought I would. As a guest, I got to visit really cool places, have fantastic hosts, and I had such a great experience that when I returned home, I wanted to allow other travelers that same experience.


Over the years, I’ve obtained seven more properties, made many connections both in and out the Acadiana area, and had some pretty awesome friends help in forming Cajun Hostel and making it a success!

A little bit about me:

I am a full-time University Professor of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. I also teach tennis part-time and own a company that promotes live music events. I was born and raised in Opelousas, Louisiana but I have been living in Lafayette most of my life and enjoy giving suggestions about what to do and where to go in the area.

I also enjoy cooking, running, lifting weights, yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and most of all attending live music events.

One of my latest goals is to travel as much as possible. I have backpacked 10 countries in Europe staying mostly in hostels and I most recently traveled for 2 months across the Western United States staying in over a dozen airbnb homes including an RV, a tepee, and a completely solar-powered dome shelter in the Texas desert!

My latest adventure took place this Christmas Break as I toured 3 countries in South America, including Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. I also enjoy talking about and showing off the area where I live ... Acadiana.

When I'm not home teaching and hosting, I'm away travelling the world! Click here to view my blog from a Cajun traveler at